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Our Music Tuition is  available 6 days from 9am until 9pm. 

Andy Parkinson Guitar/ Bass Tutor

 I am focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction.

I will do everything I can to meet your expectations.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, I'm sure you'll be happy working with me. If you have any comments or queries , please feel free to contact me.

My teaching style is fun and relaxing, covering a wide range of techniques and styles, but applying them to the music you want to play! This approach is not only more enjoyable, but it is actually more effective and rewarding!

I teach acoustic, electric and bass guitars in various styles; rock, funk, blues, metal - the list goes on.

I also teach improvisation, ear training and live playing skills and theory.

All lessons include resources and are backed up by support which is also included as part of lesson rate along with frequent opportunity to play along side other music students in a live playing format.

Whether you are an 8 year old wanting to to play your first guitar, an adult who always dreamt of playing, or even someone who has been playing for a while and feel you need new direction or a new way of thinking then I can show you how, with easy to follow playing will soon be wowing everyone!

Once you are ready to showcase your new found talents, I will enable you to show them off on the stage giving you the confidence to take your playing talents to the next level. Of course this is entirely up to you and you may prefer to keep your talents a little more closer to your chest.

If you feel you are ready to take the plunge and begin your new life with your guitar contact me to make it happen.



Elliot Green Guitar/ Drum Tutor

Guitar has and always will be my biggest passion and there’s no better feeling than sharing what I’ve learnt over the years with others and seeing them progress with this awesome instrument.

I’m very determined to make your guitar learning experience the best it can be and to provide an experience that hopefully leads you to developing the same passion I’ve had for guitar since I was 8 years old.

The first time I realised I wanted to be a guitarist was when I was very young watching old Bon Jovi VHS tapes and seeing Richie Sambora play. From those very early days I knew that guitar is something I wanted to make a career out of.

I was in a band for 4 years and in that time we won a battle of the bands competition and did 2 UK tours as well as various other local gigs and festivals. Along with this, we released 2 EP’s and a stand alone single. Despite not being part of a group anymore, I’m still a keen song writer in my spare time. I’ve also recently graduated from Leeds Beckett University with a 2:1 Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Music Technology.

I teach both electric and acoustic guitar for beginners and intermediates. From here you can take whatever path with guitar you want to and I can also help if you want to start writing your own songs! Wherever you want to be, it all starts here!